From Bronze and Darkness

  • Publisher: Acheron Books
  • Year: 2016
  • Product: novel
  • Genre: historic fantasy, grimdark
  • Pages: 259
  • Cover: Alberto Besi
  • Formats: paperback, EPUBMOBI
  • Link: Goodreads

Year 1278 B.C., the Mediterranean Sea is shared between the most powerful civilizations of the ancient times. Greeks, Egyptians and Phoenicians sail from port to port, ready to fight to protect their trades from the “Sea Peoples”, marauders who loot and disappear like ghosts. Among them are the fierce Shardan. They come from the island known as “Island of Towers”, from fortresses of basalt stone called nuraghes. These rise all over the Shardan’s land and since the dawn of time hide a malediction feared by the people of the Mediterranean: the Island is the gate of the netherworld. The Shardan live as hell-keepers, sailing to offer the loot to the Gods who protect their stand. They are in Egypt ready to move war against the pharaohs when a messenger comes: from the netherworld, Mamuthones demons have awakened.  


“Even the most unenthusiastic reader could not resist the adrenaline reading ŠRDN – From Bronze and Darkness by Andrea Atzori; a dark, rough fantasy, with a solid Mediterranean historical setting.”

Italian Sword&Sorcery


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