Multiverse Ballad

[Italian Only]

  • Publisher: Origami Edizioni
  • Year: 2014

A mosaic of visionary cross-genre short stories, linked by a fil rouge across the whole Multiverse.


“There are books that crave to be understood. And often they are hopelessly pedantic. There are books that crave not to be understood. And usually they turn off the light in the room to hide it is actually empty.  There are books that don’t bother to be understood and aim only to let the reader enjoy some hours of entertainment, and many times these books arrive further than all others. Then, there are books that don’t give a damn about understanding, integrity, message, entertainment, and only aim to trample you  like a herd of buffalos running from a T-rex. Multiverse Ballad belongs to this last category.”

Luca Tarenzi

“Swords and pistols, the taste of sea together with that of the plastic; fairy tales and adventures and noir and horror… In Multiverse Ballad there’s all and for all. If you pay attention you’ll understand that chaos doesn’t necessarily mean coincidence. Sometimes everything will fall perfectly in place, and others you’ll crave to learn more about; and to do so you’ll turn a page after another, a story after another, voice after voice.”


“Multiverse Ballad describes a future of humanity through the technique of the mosaic: from the deep and unstoppable crisis of the XXI century to the definitive collapse of the technologic civilization, which inaugurates the beginning of a new Middle Age and a disruption of the law of physics as we know them. […] It’s a zapping that can confuse readers unaccustomed to crossovers (from magic realism to horror and cyberpunk), but on the other hand allows literary architectures that are bold as much as captivating.”

SF Web Magazine “Cronache di un sole lontano”