L’Amuleto del Sonno

[Italian only]

  • Publisher: Edizioni Condaghes
  • Year: 2012

First season of the fantasy trilogy Iskìda of the Land of Nurak, based on myths and legends of Sardinian Nuragic Civilization. The series has been optioned by Academy Award winner Anthony LaMolinara (SFX Spider-Man 2) for the shooting of a film teaser.



“[Iskìda] A dynamic and original crossover in which Sardinia becomes a magic world to be read compulsively.”



“In its originality, Iskìda succeeds where other fantasys, even more ambitious ones, fail.”

Finzioni Magazine


“Iskìda of the Land of Nurak is exactly what a young reader who’s introduced to fantasy literature could definitively appreciate. […] There are writers who concentrate only on the protagonist, forgetting the rest of the cast. With Atzori this doesn’t happen. We know perfectly who all the other players are, why they are, and we get involved in how they act.”

Isola Illyon, Web Magazine


“What Andrea Atzori achieved with Iskìda of the Land of Nurak is most welcome. In it, Sardinia and its legends are adapted to a literary contest appealing for all young readers.”

Bepi Vigna, Author and Screenwriter [Unione Sarda, 20/10/2012]